Facilities and technologies


The Avicosán facilities are modern and have a high poultry production capacity. In step with its policy to continuously improve quality and production efficiency, the company has made a great investment in improving all its processing operations throughout its history, and particularly in recent years.

Leading technology plays an essential role in this improvement in the various stages of the process:
  • A system for transporting, housing and handling live poultry that uses the latest technology to ensure animal welfare and biosafety.
  • Latest generation machinery for processing and quartering to ensure food security during the entire process with the highest levels of efficiency and quality.
  • Cooling of poultry products is a key factor to ensure the durability and appearance of products. For this reason, we have fitted out all of our facilities with the latest equipment, so that the freshness, tenderness and quality of our products are distinguishing features.
  • We use many packaging technologies, including shrink-wrapping, controlled atmosphere packaging, vacuum and flow pack. We always adapt to meet the needs and specifications of each client.
  • Advanced food safety systems and traceability of all products from their source.

Our Facilities